Detrimental Effects of Second Hand Smoke

 What is second hand smoke?
           It is the process of inhaling smoke or vapor consciously or unconsciously burning from an end of a cigarette and the smoke breathed out by the smoker(s). This smoke contains about more than 7,000 chemicals in which contains toxic substances and about 70 can cause cancer.

- It causes ear infection.
-Exposure to this harmful substances can lead to chronic respiratory infection.
-Increases the rate of sudden infant death syndrome(SIDs).
- It causes asthma attacks.
-Secondhand smoke can aggravate sinusitis,cystic fibrosis and rhinitis.

-It causes heart diseases.
-Intake of this smoke can lead to lung cancer.
-It can cause complications in female reproductive system.


1.About 250 chemicals are known to be harmful and about 70 can cause cancer.
2. Second hand smoke causes an estimated 3,400 lung cancer deaths each year in the US in those who do not smoke and increases the risk of lung cancer and stroke by 20-30%.
3. In the US alone,second hand smoke is responsible for 46,000 heart disease related deaths every year in non-smokers.
4. The risk of developing cancer from a tobacco smoke is about 100times greater than from outdoor cancer-causing pollutants.
5. Smoking by women during pregnancy increases the risk for sudden infant deaths,more than 1,000 infant deaths are recorded annually.

1.Politely ask them to smoke outside with an ash-tray been provided.

2.Ensure that the ash-trays are disposed.

3.Adopt a no-smoking policy either with the use of prohibition signs and symbol.

4.Open windows to ventilate the area.

5.Ask them not to smoke close to you or you can leave the area at once.

6.Request to be located to other non smokers.

7.If you choose not to go to work that allow smoking,inform your Manager or superior.

8.Make your own car a smoke-free space.

9.Be certain that your children's schools and daycare facilities are smoke free.

10.If you have household members who smoke,help them stop.If it is not possible to stop their smoking,ask them,and visitors to smoke outside of your home.

A simple Guild to approach smokers who wishes to quit.
-Invite them to work with you in seeking solution.

-Let them know you care about their health and emotions.

-Avoid being judgemental.

-Listen carefully and give them attention.

-Always avail yourself to them.

-Leave the door Open for more discussion.

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