Tired of Having a Bloated Stomach?

bloating of the stomach

      Bloating of the stomach(tummy) is caused as a result of the presence of wind in the digestive tract.Most people today complain about having a bloated stomach,it may be more of a worry to females because every woman still wants to stay attractive and being admired by their spouse.Also,this might be an indication of a serious health problem or not.
      Bloating of the stomach can be overly controlled if proactive measures are being followed and taken.Firstly,we have to take a look at the causes of bloating of the stomach.

                        CAUSES OF BLOATING
   We make use of the acronym five F's which stands for;
-Fats(being overweight).
-Flatus(wind or flatulence).
-Fluid(in the abdominal cavity).
-Foetus(as a result of being pregnant).
          The aforementioned 5F's are the major causes of bloating,
Fats/Diet: As a result of energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended it can cause a bee-line straight for our stomach and this tendency increases as one becomes older ,sometimes it is often nutritious foods that could be the cause of a little air in your tummy.E.g. consuming beans,cabbage,carrots can lead to bloating of the stomach.Also,intake of smoothie all the time like apples,watermelon,pears and mangoes have a high ratio of fructose to glucose.This can cause gas and bloating in the estimated one in three people who has difficulty digesting fructose.If you experience bloating after taken such smoothie flavours.Not too worry because you can switch to fruits with more balanced fructose-glucose ratio such as banana and blueberries etc.

Feaces: Constipation is caused as a result of use or refined food and people engaging in less exercise.Due to our work pressure,most people find it difficulty to workout so as to remove toxic substances from the body thereby making us prone to constipation. Women for some reasons are more likely to be constipated than men.If one is been constipated it tends to increase the amount of gas in the digestive tract which in turn causes a bloated stomach.

Flatus:This is the presence of gas in our stomach which may occur naturally or due to the food we eat like beans or onion etc.There are many reasons for this but the key factors are usually a combination of food intolerance and a disturbance of bacteria flora in the gut.Therefore,if you are experiencing any symptom that worries you, ensure you seek medical advice.

Fluid: When one stomach is bloated as a result of fluid in the abdomen it is a big concern of a serious health problem and a medical attention needs to be seek because the presence of fluid in the stomach is a sign of any of the following health problems;heart problems.liver problems.cancer and all what not.

Foetus:  If you notice a rise or gradual swelling of the tummy having missed your period consider the possibility that you could be pregnant and this comes with hormonal changes like slow movement of food in the body which may give rise for bloating and constipation.

1.Limit the intake of alcohol.
2.Ensure you take 6-8 glasses of water and if you experience bloating as a result of constipation you need to place yourself on diet which holds water and contain high fibre like wheat bran or all-bran cereal.
3.Engage in physical activity each day to keep your body fit and allow free flow of body fluid.
4.Take in less carbonated drinks instead drink water flavoured with lemon and lime etc.
5.Take in smaller meals more often.
6.Make use of FOODMAP diet.
7.Avoid late night food,dinner should be taken later than 7:30pm.
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