Natural Guide on Gender Selection

gender selection
       Over the years couples have tried to determine the gender of their baby but has failed in their attempt(s) due to improper guide and knowledge.Fortunately,with the application of scientific studies man stands a chance of determining the gender of their offspring(s) and it can only be achieved if both couples can stick to procedures stated in this post or follow other healthier ways.As they say 'it takes two to tangle'.
        Firstly,we must understand some simple basics on how to determine the sex of a baby? female individual usually posses XX pair of sex chromosomes while male has an XY pair.The cell of the baby is determined by the sperm cell that fertilizes a woman's egg.The sperm must carry one sex chromosomes either its Y(male) or X(female),exactly half of a man's sperm have Y(male) chromosomes and half have X(female) chromosomes except the two chromosomes,the other 22 chromosomes pairs that are carried in sperm are genetically identical.
     The following determines the sex of the baby
-When an x-bearing sperm fertilizes an egg,the result of the embryo will have two x chromosomes(XX) and will grow into a baby girl.
-Also,if a y bearing sperm fertilizes the egg,the embryo will have XY chromosomes and will grow into a baby boy except in rare cases.
-Finally,since men's sperm carry both male and female chromosomes XY in equal proportion and women's egg carry only one female chromosomes XX,the man's sperm holds the key to a baby's gender.

    Men(x,y)     women(x,x)-----------X+X =XX(girl).

    Y      +           X----------------------XY(boy).

          A male and female has 23 pairs of chromosomes each.X and Y chromosomes determines a baby's sex.Some males are born with 46 XX chromosomes  while some females are also born with 46 XY. The Y chromosome carries few genes with abundant repetitive sequence while the X chromosomes is more autosome like in form and content.


X chromosomes
-They are very slow in movement naturally.
-They can be very patient.
-They are very strong.

Y chromosomes
-They are very fast in movement naturally.
-They can be very impatient.
-They die faster.

  If couples are trying to have a baby boy then you have to follow these five simple procedures;

1.Encourage your husband to take coffee as caffeinated soda before sex helps the Y sperm to swim faster.

2.Have sex in positions that allows deep penetration avoid missionary style instead go for doggie-style or standing sex.

3.Ensure he puts on a loose underwear to allow air to come in,avoid excessive heat in the scrotal area which can inhibit sperm production.N:B: Men should avoid placing devices which generate heat close to their lap.e.g.laptop,notepad etc and his cell phone in his back pocket.

4.The woman should consume alkaline friendly foods like lentils,nuts,vegetables etc so as to make the vagina favourable for the Y chromosomes as the vagina is highly acidic.

5.Having sex close to ovulation allows the Y chromosomes to get to the egg faster before they die.Having sex too soon before ovulation only helps the girls who are slower but live longe

While if couples are also trying to have a baby girl then they must know or follow these procedures;

1.Ensure you eat more vegetables and fruits.

2.Engage in more sex as possible.

3.Going for a non-penetrative sex style is important,having sex using missionary position is said to increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl.

4.No orgasm is important in conceiving a baby girl as orgasm only makes the boy sperm to survive longer.

5.Reduce the intake of salt also helps boost the chances of conceiving a baby girl.

1. Aneuploidy- A condition of having less than or more than the normal diploid number of chromosomes.
2. Turner syndrome- It occurs in individuals that have one x chromosomes,no y chromosomes
3.XXX Females-Women with xxx chromosomes are usually taller than average and have slender builds.
4. Klinefelter syndrome-Male with klinefelter syndrome carry two or more x chromosomes which leads to abnormal development of testes.
     Other sex chromosomes disorder are:
6.Congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
7.Androgen insensitivity syndrome.
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