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Paw-paw can be use to cure cancer and many other diseases. It has been scientifically proven as a cure for: Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Bladder problems, Dysentery, Jaundice, Constipation and Pile etc. Paw-paw contains numerous nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, protein, carbohydrates etc.
N:B: No part of paw-paw is wasted as all are useful to man. Paw-paw is also known as papaya. While its enzyme is called papain.
  Health Benefits of paw-paw
1. Stomach ulcer: Get some unripe paw-paw fruits and cut to pieces. Boil all (the seeds and cover) in a pot filled with water. Filter out the boiled paw-paw after two days. Take half glass 3 times daily, use only when it is warm.
2. Impotence: Get a whole unripe paw-paw and cut into pieces. Boil and take half glass (liquid only) daily.
3. Asthma: Inhale smoke from dried paw-paw leaves during attack.
4. Malaria: Take half glass of infusion of yellow paw-paw leaves thrice daily.
5. Pile: Get some quantities of paw-paw roots; boil in a pot with water. Take half glass (liquid) 4 times daily, insert into the anus after each defecation.
6. Cough: Chew and swallow the liquid from tender paw-paw roots every 3 hours.
7. Jaundice: Infuse some quantities of unripe paw-paw fruits for few days. Take half glass (liquid only) 3 times daily.
8. Epilepsy: Grind dried paw-paw leaves into powder and mix with palm kernel oil or shell butter. Use as body cream regularly.
9. Convulsion: Use as stated above for epilepsy.
10. Worm: Chew a handful of ripe paw-paw seeds on an empty stomach in the morning to kill and expel any worm in the stomach.
11. Irregular menstruation: Grind dried paw-paw seeds and mix with lemon juice. Take quarter glass 2 times daily.
12.Tuberculosis: Chew and swallow a handful of ripe paw-paw seeds with garlic 2 times daily and bitter kola in a bottle of honey. Take a table spoonful morning and evening.
13. Stomachache: Mix equal quantities of white juice of unripe paw-paw and honey. Take 2 spoonful in a glass of water 2-3 times daily.

14.Constipation: Squeeze a handful of paw-paw leaves in a glass of water.
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  1. Very often I see articles where they write that some kind of product suddenly helps against cancer. I do not believe in this.

  2. Big thanks to you for sharing such great information.
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