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Aju mbasie herb

In Nigeria today, so many people have spent huge some of money coupled with the time constraint trying to fit into the perfect shape which they crave for by going through streneous practices forgetting Africa is blessed especially Nigeria with variety of natural herbs to solve numerous human problems.

Today i bring to you a natural herb called Aju mbaise These herbs is gotten from a town called Mbaise, in Imo state, Nigeria. It is made up up of leaves and bark of trees all wrapped together and tied to avoid loosening,hence the meaning of the name. Aju means wrapped.It is commonly marketed by aged women who have tested and can prove the efficacy of the herbs. it is used in some part of Igbo tribe in Nigeria,where one is accustom to make use of this herb during child birth or as it is popularly called omugwo.This herb is medicinal to both mother and the newborn.

Types of Aju Mbaise 

1. Aju Mbaise for flat tummy and weight loss (omugwo boost).

2. Aju Mbaise for fertility boost.

3. Aju Mbaise for infections, menstrual irregularities and fibroid treatment.

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After having a baby that weighed almost 3-4 points, your stomach should be darker and bigger which may be alarming to you as the rest of your body may remain fair. As much disturbed as you think in removing that colour and leftover bump, that is where the bigger role of your mother comes into play and that is when the typical Omugwo for the Igbo people in Nigeria starts as soon as your back from the hospital.
During bath time, your mother should slap your stomach with a towel that had been dipped in a scorching hot water. The water should always be so hot that she would barely be able to hold the towel in her hand while she wrings some of it out before slapping and then rubbing your stomach down with it. It should be done twice a day for 2 complete weeks. She would ask you to sit on a sitz bath. Some people use only hot water while others do add salt or antiseptic  cleanser. Your seat for the whole of that period should be wooden especially if you had a tear during delivery to enable it heal and tighten faster.
Your meals should be more of watery foods like yam pepper soup also known in Igbo as ji mmiri oku, or Ofe Nsala/White Soup with pounded yam. The soups must be cooked with a blend of spices that are specially chosen for new mothers namely  aju mbaise, Uda, Uziza and Ehuru  (Igbo names).


- They are used to flush any lochia out and also flattens the stomach. This is very important as any lochia that remains in the body after a certain amount of time may cause puffiness in the face and legs.
-They also prevent stomach upset ( collic) in newborns.
-They enable heavy flow of breast milk for the newborn which is added advantage for exclusive mothers.
- After 2-3 months of passing through these omugwo process, the new mother should be glowing, healthy, strong with a more flatter stomach and slimmer body.

- A woman who just had an abortion or miscarriage.

- It is also used by those going through anovulation or infertility. It enhances ovulation and hence fertility.

- Heavy/Scanty/painful menstruation etc.These issues can be checked and normalised using AJU MBAISE and even in the cases where there has not been menses too.

- It prevents mouth odour that comes out from inside the stomach.

- Prevents Fallopian tubal blockage.

- It nourishes the skin.

- It’s an anti diabetic, cancer, tumors, ovary cysts and malaria.

- Shrinks fibroid or tumor at early stage.


1. Wash the wrap with water, don’t loosen it up.

2. Put in a bigger pot

3. Pour about 2 litres of water enough to cover the Aju mbaise.

4. Add the cooking spices , don’t wash because they are in their edible form.

5. Cook for 30 minutes to bring out it’s golden colour.

6. Sieve the water in a cup to cool a bit.

7. Drink.

8. Boil and drink the following day for best results.


Dosage: 2 tea cups in the morning and in the night after 2 hours of eating .

N:B: Anybody can enjoy Aju mbaise.

>>For purchase and more information on Aju mbaise please contact 08133017635
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  1. Can an exclusive breast feeding mother take it... My baby is just 10 days old

    1. Yes ma'm...its more essential to a lactating mother

  2. How does aju mbaise works as remedy for ovarian cysts

    1. au mbaise flushes off 70-80% toxins in our stomach but it is advisable after taking the herb and you found no improvement you should consult your doctor. Probably, a surgery is required.

    2. My name is Nneoma, am from ezinihitte mbaise where the herb is originated from, the herb is very good for every body especially new mother's who just put to bed,but if you are not married and you are talking this herb you must be very careful so that you don't get pregnant

  3. Hi, I'm 18months postpartum and I still have the baby belly fat,can I start the ajumbaise therapy?

  4. Can I take it as a single lady to reduce fat n for flat tommy

  5. I truly appreciate your working guys, thumbs up!!
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