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 Sometimes, ladies pay little or no attention on their body parts especially in younger women, because they are yet to understand their body chemistry. Breast cancer is on the high especially in developed parts of the world due to the high use of synthetic products. Incidence rates vary from 19.3 per 100 000 women in Eastern Africa to 89.9 per 100 000 women in Western Europe, and are high (more than 80 per 100 000) in developed regions of the world (except Japan) and low (less than 40 per 100 000) in most of the developing regions. In transition countries as in Latin America the estimated rates are projected to increase in the future. The rates vary worldwide being the highest in Europe, and they are increasing in Asian and Latin- American countries mainly due to the population ageing and screening practises
Like other parts of your body, One should be in sync with their body. Having a clear interpretation and understanding of how your body responds to things. Changes in your breasts could be a significant indicator of something that needs to be addressed with your health. So it is of great importance that ladies should frequently interact with their breast though not talking to them.

Pay attention to these seven signs which your breast may be trying to tell you:

Increase in breast size: When you notice that your breasts are growing, it could be a sign of the following:
i. Hormonal changes – This occurs before, during or after your menstral period, it can be a sign of pregnancy or frequent use of contraceptives tends to increse breast size.
ii. You are gaining weight –  One of the first signs of a change in body weight is an increase in breast size. Read more on weight loss. 
Change in the size of breast: One breast maybe different from the other but it is common among women Most women do not have identically sized breasts. However, if you notice that one breast has changed shape in a big way it could be an early sign of breast cancer. To be sure that it is nothing serious, schedule a routine exam to be checked out.

Lumpy breast and sore: A lumpy breast may feel hard or different from the rest of the breast. Though there are other several reasons why one's breasts may feel lumpy and be sore which includes:
i. Menstruation period – Many women may experience tenderness and lumpiness before or during menstruation.
ii. High consumption of caffeinated food drinks – it is adviceable to reduce the intake of soda and coffee drinks and see if the sensitivity goes away.
 White milky discharge from the nipples: A leaky nipples can be caused by various factors such as 
- Pregnancy
- Medications (drugs such as antidepressants or antipsychotic drugs that increase levels of prolactin. 
- Milky white discharge from the nipples also can be a sign of a noncancerous tumor. This is especially true if you are only having a problem with only one breast.

Prescence of veins on the skin breast: If your veins are pale or translucent, you may be susceptible to sunburn or skin cancer. Be sure to take all the necessary precautions to protect yourself from too much sun exposure.

The skin on your breast looks like an orange peel: If your breast skin begin to look unusual maybe like a rough surface– like an orange peel – it could be a sign that you have breast cancer. Especially when your nipple and areola are hard, seek for medical attention and advice to determine the state of your health.

You have a retracted nipple or puckering of breast tissue: Any time you notice a puckering or dimpling of the skin or your nipple appears retracted, it is time to see a doctor. This is generally a sign of breast cancer and needs immediate attention.



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