Wondering What The Stain On Your Bra Means?

stain on bra

Women often times notice some stains inside the cup of their bra, which might be a sign of an underlying health problem. The most common cause of nipple discharge is the intraductal papilloma and can be classified based on how the discharge presents, this dicharge can occur without any compression or squeezing of the nipple. Most at times these stains are usually round and concentratred around the area where the nipple makes contact with the fabric. One may notice a brownish to greyish colour discharge,

Below, is how you can understand and interprete the stains inside your bra or night gown.

Grey or brown stains
This particular stain is mostly common in women due to the release of oils from the small duct of the nipples. The Montgomery's tubercules are small holes found around the areola which releases a kind of oil to moisturize the nipple and also to protect it during the period of breastfeeding.

The body excretes excess toxins via the lymph system which may be signified by gray/brown stain on the inside of your bras. Various studies have shown that breast tissue is sensitive to environmental factors such as pollutants and chemicals, which can be prevented by using natural products around the home and encouraging detoxification through healthy diet and supplements.
Clear or yellow
A clear or yellow fluid may collect in the nipple ducts, which is spontaneously excreted every few days or weeks. It could be as a result of hormonal changes or a small growth within the duct; should this type of stain be found in your bra, you are adviced to seek medical attention.

Thick white or greenish

This type of stain occur mostly in women within the age bracket of 30-40 years of age, especially women who have been pregnant or those who has breastfed an infant, may notice their nipples excrete thick white or greenish fluid when their breast is being touched or squeezed. While this type of fluid is often normal, it should be closely observed and if there are any other abnormal symptoms in the nipples or breasts, visit your healthcare provider.

White and flaky

Sometimes a light, flaky film on the surface of the nipple is completely normal and often forms and then gets washed off in the shower. You may see some of this film inside your bra, this can be caused by oils and sweat.

When you should worry about the stains in your bra
- When you notice a darkened spot in your bra, be sure to get it checked by your doctor especially if there is discharge from only one breast, or if you observe any blood. 

- Severe pain during menstruation .

- Allergy or eczema on or around the nipple

- Ectasia: This condition results to the milk duct been widen and clogged. This must be professionally treated before it gets infected.

How to protect and care for your breasts and nipples
- Your mammary tissue is one of the most sensitive part of your body and should only be washed with water. A washcloth can be used for gentle exfoliation and massage to keep skin healthy and prevent bacteria from getting trapped. Pat dry gently with a towel to prevent excess friction or irritation.

- Always protect the nipples with a well-fitted bra and even cover or lubricate them for comfort.

How to take good care of your bras
- Make sure you hand-wash them in cold water with a gentle detergent. 

- Don’t wring them, just squeeze them between a towel, then hang by the middle piece between the cups.

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