Best Sex Positions And Time To Help You Get Pregnant

How to get pregnant

Are you ready to make babies?. Starting up a family is never an easy task, it requires great commitment, and high level of responsibility and so to do these (make babies) you may need to know the best time to have sex coupled with the best sex positions to use. Although there are no “wrong” sex positions to conceive baby—but there may be a few positions that increase the chances of the sperm meeting the egg more quickly, so why not try out new and interesting sex positions for the purpose of procreation and also to have fun. Below are carefully selected sex positions to help you get through.

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Sex positions to help you get pregnant

1. The BULLThis sex position is done by placing your pelvis tipped back or placing your legs on his shoulders which aids the sperm to reach your egg.
Bull position

2. Missionary: This might not be the most exciting or mind-blowing sex position. However, it brings about flexibility and comfort to keep everyone eager for more because of its deeper penetration which helps your partner swimmers to reach your egg.

3. Doggy style: This is a natural sex position that allows for deeper penetration from behind, this position according to research is the best position when trying to conceive.
Doggy style

4. Spoons: Spooning offers a great intimacy allowing partners to feel comfortable especially when either of them feels stressed-out and it is also a great position for anyone suffering with a back problem.

5. Wheelbarrow: This sex position isn't easy but if practised will surely give you the best result you need. The wheelbarrow position helps the sperm to move faster because of the tilted position of your spouse.

6. Reverse cowgirl: In this position your partner lies on his back,with you sitting on him and facing his feet. This sex position minimizes slipping out and gives you the freedom to explore other sex positions
Reverse cowgirl

What Are The Best Time To Conceive?
  • Firsty, you need to understand your cycle knowing that a normal menstrual cycle can be as short as 22 days and as long as 36 days.
  • Get acquainted with your ovulation days because that is the time you are most fertile.
  • Start having sex two days before and three days after your ovulation.
  • If your cycle is 28 days then you have to start having sex every alternate day from 9th till the 17th day.
  • If you have irregular cycles then you have to look out for symptoms like stretchy cervical mucus and a heavy breast etc.
  • Lastly, if all this still looks complicating, simply have sex three times a week-you cannot go wrong with that!
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