Causes Of Low Libido In Both Sex

An healthy sexual relationship in a man and wife helps increase the bond and affection in any relationship most importantly couples. A poor sexual relationship has lead to so many broken homes and one or both partners getting infected with STDs as a result of infidelity between partners.  This piece of article will help you through the various underlying factors causing low libido in both men and women. Also, research studies have it that men rarely have low libido when compared to the cases of women especially aging women.

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From a personal perspective, I understood that the main causes of low sexual desire arises from lack of communication and intimacy in the relationship, lifestyle,  physical or hormonal changes that come along with childbirth, menopause and even the use of contraception. One hard truth is that up till date, there is no magic cure for low libido for husband and wife. The step to managing or combating this problem is to first know your problem and some possible causes.

The General Causes of Low Sexual Desire
    The various factors that leads to loss of sexual desire are:

Hypoactive Sexual Desire 

  1. Poorly defined hormonal environment, poor sexual aspiration and motivation (i.e the thought of it)
  2. Boredom or unhappiness in a long standing relationship 
  3. High dependency on alcohol or psychoactive drugs 
  4. Side effect of prescription drugs e.g. anti-hypertensive drugs and antidepressants
  5. Hormonal instability
  6. Life-causes which includes;
  •  A traumatic effect in childhood or adolescence 
  • Suppression of sexual fantasies 
  • Dysfunctional family 
  • Deficient level of androgens (male hormones) testosterone is needed by both males and females for sexual desire.

Sexual Aversion Disorder:

  1. Trauma: incest; sexual abuse and rape 
  2. Repressive atmosphere in the family sometimes enhanced by orthodox or rigid religious training 
  3. Install attempts at intercourse that resulted in a painful experience 
  4. Acquired after a period of normal functioning, which may be:
  • Partner related. 
  • Trauma or painful experience.
  • Fear or panic (usually unrealistic fear).
  • Situation where the relation is incongruent with previous orientation. 

Physical Disorders

  • Atrophic virginities (comes with advancing age)
  • Heart diseases 
  • Diabetes mellitus 
  • Hormonal imbalances e.g. hypogonelel.
  • Endometriosis 
  • General trauma 
  • Infectious diseases
  • Mortigaancies/cancers 
  • Neurological disorders 
  • Multiple scioecsis/strokes 

Alcohol anabolic steroid, anti-hypertensive drugs and antidepressants drugs.

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General Cure for Loss of Sexual Desire
 It is more appropriate to say management of sexual desire rather than. In the case of a patient with hypoactive sexual disorders-we must find the causes and treat accordingly:

  • Marital issues
  • Psychological or psychiatric disorders 
  • Due to physical disorder

Couples with marital problems should seek or go for counseling to enable them share and talk about how they feel emotionally and physically. Although, loss of interest in sexual activities may be as a result of other illness and so should be handled by a doctor qualified in such specially.

Marital Therapy for Interpersonal Difficulties

  • Drug treatment for unreasonable fear or panic 
  • Physical disorder – treatment of the physical disorder resolves the problems of lost of sexual interest 
  • Drugs- the purpose of the drug may determine the wisdom in its withdrawal. However, when the drug causing loss of sexual interest is withdrawn interest returns 

Causes of Low Sexual Desire in Women 
Based on various research, women experience loss of sexual desire compared to men. According to the Medical Associations of various countries it was confirmed that over 50 percent of married women suffer from female sexual arousal disorder.

Here are some possible causes of low libido or sexual desire in women, although some of the factors also leads to Impotency in Men
  • Anemia
  • Drug Abuse
  • Stress and Overwork
  • Past Sexual Abuse or Rape

Solutions to Low Libido in Women
Most of the causes of low sexual desire in women are as a result of their mindset and habits. Once you are able to discover these bad habits that inhibit the free flow of your sex drive, try as much as you can to break off these habits. With time, your libido will normalize again.
There are other solutions like taking some natural treatments like roots and herbs (but be very cautious). Another solution is to seek the medical advice from your doctor.

In conclusion, low libido especially in women can often be managed rather than cured out-rightly because it comes with age. So discover the symptoms peculiar to you and also the best solution for you.

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