How You Can Increase Your Penis Size

how to increase your penis

So many men today wishes to increase the size of their penis in order to have a more pleasurable sexual experience. Here is a very simple and effective way to temporarily increase the size of your penis and can become permanent if you use this method on regular basis. It involves the concept of vacuum suction, which enables blood to be drawn into your penis and thus enlarging it.

There are various specialized penis suction devices available on the market. Thus, ensure your vacuum cleaner is clean (preferable new) before use and not more than 1000W in power to avoid hurting your penis or balls.

The various requirements include:
  • A 500W - 1000W vacuum cleaner (if you buy a new one specifically dedicated to this job (recommended), choose a small hand vacuum)
  • Paper napkins or toilet paper
  • Duct-tape, scissors or Stanley-knife and a lighter
  • An empty pet-bottle, washed out and dry

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Steps on how to increase your penis size
  • Use a clean, empty bottle and cut it off some 4 cm from the bottom. You should have a big opening below and a small (the existing) opening at the top)
  • Get three or four paper napkins, fold them horizontally until you have a thick strip of paper left of about 2 cm in height
  • Take two pieces of duct-tape the length of the folded napkin and place those about half cm on each horizontal border or the napkin
  • Now fold the napkin around the cut-off edge of the bottle. This will make sure you end up with a soft surface to protect your skin
  • Cut two small holes somewhere halfway the sides of the bottle (about half cm in diameter). These are air-vents enabling you to control the suction and to prohibit your vacuum cleaner to overheat itself
  • Burn the edges of the holes you just cut with aid of a lighter. This again will make sure that the edges are smoothed out to prevent injuries on your penis
  • Don't worry we are almost done! Just take the bottleneck of the bottle and tightly fit it inside the vacuum tube. It should perfectly fit in, if you have a standard size tube and you keep the bottleneck-ring intact. If not, use duct-tape to stick the two end together and get it air-tight.
  • Its all ready to go! Now you can turn on the vacuum, place the bottom part of your vacuum-sucker around your dick and balls (make sure it nicely covers the surrounding area of your penis so that no air escapes). Now use two fingers to close the holes at the side of the bottle on-and-off. If you use a bag-less vacuum don't ejaculate as it will also go inside your vacuum and that's a hell of a job to clean!
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